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End of Summer Lawn Care Tips

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When it comes to landscaping and lawn care, spring and summer are the best times to dive into those special projects and maintenance chores. As the summer months come to an end, it’s important that you make sure you’re protecting all of your hard work as well as preparing for hibernation in the colder months. To make sure you’re prepared, we’ve outlined an end of summer checklist with a few things to remember as you’re winding down for the cooler weather.

First Things First
Did you know that the summer months last from July to September? People commonly mistake the summer months to be June through August due to do school year schedules but the summer months (and the heat) last much longer than you may think. Nevertheless, summer is through in September and your lawn should be treated with that in mind.

Service and clean lawn care tools
Summer usually means cutting the grass a lot but before you put away the lawn mower for the colder seasons, it’s a good idea to get it serviced so that it’s in good condition for storage. The last thing you want is to pull out the mower after several months only to find out it has rusted or isn’t working properly. Consider getting the blades sharpened (this will make your job much easier) and getting the oil changed so that it’s in its best condition for when you need it again.

Don’t forget any other tools that you used throughout the summer such as trimmers and pruners. These should be cleaned and oiled where needed and put away in a dry storage place so that they are protected from moisture and don’t rust.

Watch out for pests
Spring and summer are popular times to do a lot of planting and landscaping. Keep an eye out for insects and pests as they can easily destroy all of your hard work and precious dollars you’ve spent. If you’re noticing any brown spots in your lawn, this could be a result of an insect problem. Try pulling out a clump of grass from a dead area in your yard and inspect the roots. If they look rotted, it’s probably due to a pest problem. However, if they look to be intact, it’s most likely due to lack of water.

The end of the summer is the perfect time for seeding your lawn and fixing those dead spots if you need it. Whether it’s been a long draught of a summer or you just have a few brown spots in your lawn, re-seeding can bring your yard back to life. As the summer rolls to an end, the temperature typically drops. This gives the new grass the perfect climate to grow back plush and green. Also as the temperature is cooler, there are fewer bugs and fewer weeds to worry about destroying the new grass.

If you have any questions regarding lawn maintenance, please contact Landscape Management Company today! Or, if you would us to come service your yard, you can request a quote and we’ll get back with you shortly! 
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