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How to Plant Fescue Seed

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There is no better time to plant seed for a Fescue lawn in North Georgia than fall.  Fescue turf is a cool season plant that performs best when temperatures are moderate and suffers during summer heat.  By planting in the fall the plant has months to develop a hardy root system before it has to endure the stress of summer. 

Fall is a great time to establish a new lawn and also the best time to rejuvenate turf that has thinned during the summer season.  Aerating and over-seeding is the most common method of encouraging new plants in a fescue lawn.  The first step of aerating and over-seeding is to choose the proper equipment.  Aerators are the machines that are used by professionals to open up the soil to relieve compaction and most importantly when over-seeding to allow grass seed to contact the soil surface. 

Many times you will find that much of the successful germination occurs within the aeration hole.  Always use a coring aerator with a hollow tine that removes a small column of soil rather than an aerator with solid spikes.  Follow aeration by over-seeding with a quality turf type fescue seed.  A “seed starter” fertilizer high in phosphorus will aid initial root development and mulching the seeds will help retain moisture. 

Rainfall or supplemental irrigation plus moderate temperatures will be needed for the seed to germinate.  The seed should germinate within a few weeks if conditions are agreeable and if there is not signs of germination don’t give up sometimes new grass plants will peek through in early spring.

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